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Celexa lawsuitCelexa is a popular antidepressant that has been on the market for many years but has recently become the target of a number of lawsuits because of the risks that it poses to unborn children.

It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that is prescribed for the treatment of depression. SSRIs are widely and prescribed for patients suffering from a variety of mood disorders like anxiety and panic attacks.

In the last several years, important studies have been conducted that have yielded troubling results. The research shows that pregnant patients who have been prescribed Celexa, or citalopram as it is known generically, have reported a high number of babies born with birth defects, complications and injuries.

If you were prescribed Celexa during your pregnancy and suffered a miscarriage, premature labor or had a child born with a birth defect, they may have been caused by the medication. For more information on Celexa and its risks, contact the Celexa lawyers at Danziger & De Llano.

Celexa and the FDA

Many families who have gone through the tragedy of a child born with a serious health issue or birth defect are not aware that the condition was caused by a medication.

We all trust that the drug manufacturers are providing medications that won’t hurt us and that the Food and Drug Administration is there to make sure that they are doing all of the proper tests and safety assessments to protect us.

But in many cases drug manufacturers are able to put drugs on the market that are not as safe as they should be. Though they may be aware of risks, they minimize them so that they can sell the drug to as many people as possible and continue to make the most profit that they can.

There have been many lawsuits filed by Celexa lawyers about inadequate warnings and safety issues that revolve around the drug.

Celexa Manufacturer Fined

Celexa and its manufacturer Forest Laboratories is no stranger to controversy. The company was required to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines as a result of having been found guilty of violating the False Claims Act.

This was because they marketed the drug to underage patients for whom it was not approved. They also paid doctors to prescribe the drug, a practice which is illegal and unethical.

Celexa Behavioral Risks

Celexa lawsuits are not limited to those being filed by the parents of children who were born with birth defects.

Since the time the drug was released there have been concerns about its safety, and the company has been forced to compensate many families and individuals who suffered from the violent behavior and suicidal thoughts that taking the medication caused to those for whom it was prescribed.

Celexa Birth Defects

Celexa and other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been linked to a number of very serious pregnancy problems and birth defects that have caused pain and grief to countless families.

In addition to being named as the possible cause of miscarriages and premature labor, studies have shown that Celexa may also cause congenital defects that have serious health implications, including:

  • Club foot – a condition in which feet may turn inward dramatically.

  • Cleft lip or palate – failure of the bones to join properly. Generally requires surgery.

  • Heart defects – malformation of the heart that may require surgery.

  • PPHN – Persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns. Impacts ability to breathe. Life-threatening condition.

  • Spina Bifida – neural tube defect in which spinal cord protrudes.

  • Neural Tube Defects – opening in spinal cord, usually fatal.

  • Macrocephaly – abornally large skull.

  • Genetic Hernia – often requires surgery

All of these birth defects listed here would have been preventable had Celexa’s manufacturer properly researched the drug’s safety and warned patients of the dangers it posed to the unborn children of pregnant women who might take the drug.

Because Forest Laboratories chose profit over the wellbeing of their patients, many parents have chosen to file Celexa lawsuits seeking justice for their child.

Why File a Celexa Lawsuit?

Filing a Celexa lawsuit or a Prozac lawsuit with our pharmaceutical lawyers is a way to ensure that your child’s medical expenses, both past and present, are paid for by those responsible for them. Parents of children born with Celexa birth defects would not have taken the drug had they known of the risk to their children, and because Celexa did not provide proper warning they now face expensive medical bills and their children are suffering painful conditions.

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